Anthony Wellington Clinic LaPlata

The weather held out.  It was held in a church next to a music store and it was freezing, guessing the heat was not on.  Anthony was incredibly nice , he offered numerous basses up for play while he was trying to setup his primary.  Guessing the fact that most of the basses were worth thousands if not tens of thousands left no takers.   The clinic was heavy on Anthony setting up jams and soloing to a loop pedal with a few pop song performances with local musician John Luskie.

Tidbits of information were of the “more you know” variety.  Muting technique was also discussed as related to making sure you were getting a good clean bass sound especially regards basses with more that 4 strings. Great tip at the end concerning monetary success in the music industry having much to do with business acumen and less to do with musicianship. An obvious but often overlooked sentiment, great to see acknowledged from someone so strongly dedicated.

Anthony has gear (strings , pedals ) to give away at his clinics, if you are really lucky !


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