Milestones — Miles Davis

Columbia CL 1139

Original Columbia 6 Eye mono !

Side 1

Side 2


Recognizable theme

little bit of pop and scratch on my vinyl for this track


Led Zeppelin 1

77 reissue George Piros Cut, Slight Warp

Bass Heavy , Drums and cymbals seem suppressed.


Good times, Bad times opens with 2 bass solos oh my!

Bruce Cockburn – Stealing Fire

Bruce Cockburn is criminally overlooked maybe its because he is canadian, maybe its because his output is prodigious and sometimes redundant.

This album gets preachy by track 2, ahh the eighties when the white man became so righteous.  The birth of the cash register donation begins here.

Bruce emotes the dangerous sentiment “If I Had a Rocket Launcher” perhaps ill advised given our current state of world affairs.

Side 1

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

Maybe the Poet – synth line lifted from talking heads life during wartime, so if you love that song here is another one !

Flipped over to side two but cannot take the load of heavy upon me.  Oh well maybe next time Bruce.

Check out 1997s Charity of Night album, sameness but much better !

Mint Conditon with original liner sleeve, nice heavy vinyl.  Yours for $10 shipped !

Bob Weir – Ace

Just a fantastic album , probably the best dead album not labelled Grateful Dead.

I have two copies with palm tree label.  Pretty much same condition, vinyl vg , cover g ( lots of spine wear) one can be yours for $10 plus shipping.


Dis – Jan Gabarek / Ralph Towner

For Sale $10 plus media mail ship USPS   Gone


Side 1


Has a gouge on the vinyl that looks as if someone but out their cigarette, gives the track a nice pop for a minute or so that fits right in with the mood. Sounds blade runnerish … Sax is a very present in the mix and slightly grating to my ears.


Wind Harp anyone ?


Jan Garbarek: Dis (ECM 1093)

between sound and space: ECM Records and Beyond

Jan Garbarek

Jan Garbarek tenor and soprano saxophones, wood flute
Ralph Towner 12-string and classical guitars, windharp
Brass Ensemble
Recorded December 1976 at Talent Studio, Oslo
Engineer: Jan Erik Kongshaug
Produced by Manfred Eicher

Debates over the “ECM sound” continue, though thankfully with waning fervor, in attempts to define that which never needed definition in the first place. Meanwhile, critical pundits are missing out on some spectacular music that would easily silence their concern over arbitrary categories. On Dis, his eighth album for the label, Jan Garbarek slipped off his extroverted garments and into a deep look inward. One immediately notices the windharp, one of the last instruments one might expect to hear on an album filed under “Jazz,” and which would make an ECM reappearance on Arvo Pärt’s Te Deum. The windharp anchors the album into place, appearing at its center and outer edges. Added to…

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